About Me – Long Story Short

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1. About Me – Long Story Short
2. Gymnastics – Now & Future
3. Influential Individuals Who Have Shaped Me

Chris Kaji – Long Story Short

Chris Kaji - Long Story Short

I am a Gymnast, Canadian National Team Member, Current Canadian Rings Champion, Gymnastics Coach, YouTuber and Videographer.

Born and raised in Vancouver,B.C., Canada.
Now residing in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

I have Japanese parents and an older sister, Clair who is currently on the Women’s gymnastics Team at the University of Iowa. Our family pet, Steve is a black cat who does tricks!

I love BBQ Rib, Sushi, Chicken and Pho 🙂

Gymnastics – Now and Future

Chris Kaji Now and Future

In past 2 years, I’ve been represented Canada at the Pacific Rim Championships and the World Challenge Cups in several countries. See more details – full results.

I’m the defending Canadian Rings Champion for 2 years – claimed my best score at this past Nationals in July 2019.

2018 February Elite Canada 2018 14.200 Difficulty:5.4
2018 May Canadian Championships 2018 14.200 Difficulty:5.4
2019 May Canadian Championships 2019 14.550 Difficulty:5.7
2019 July Elite Canada 2019 14.800 Difficulty:6.0
please see my best score routine

Current my D (difficulty score) increased to 6.1. I’m working on clean up Rings routine for reaching 15.000. Also working on 14.000 or higher at a consistent rate for my Floor, Vault and P-Bars.

My Short Goal is…
Reach 15.000 for Rings – Get medals for Canada.

p.s. Reaching 15.000 for Rings – My score has increased 0.6 within a year. Adding another 0.1 for the upcoming cometition in Germany.

My Gymnastics Goal is…
Making Canadian Team or selected an event specialist for the Olympics Games and the World Championships.

Influential Individuals Who Have Shaped Me

Influential Individuals


I met my coach, Ferenc Szabo when I was 8.

When I was 10, I chose Olympic Gold Medalist, Kyle Shewfelt, as the topic of my project and became inspired by his accomplishments.


My role model is Devy Dyson (New Zealand National Team Member).

He is a long time teammate and friend of mine. An all-around great person who has helped me out of difficult personal situations.

Greece Camp

Had a chance to train with the current World Rings Champion, Elefhterios Petraunias.

Had the opportunity to be trained by Petraunias’s coach.

This camp developed another one of my standing goals, “Compete alongside Petraunias on the World stage.”

Present Day

I practice at Manjak’s Gymnastics, owned by Kelly Manjak who coached Kyle Shewfelt.

I train with a group of dedicated boys I appreciated. The environment is total care of support – push each other to give our best.

Past – Present – Future

There’s been some ups and downs and I’m aware there always will be.

I am thankful for all goods and bads – made not only shape my experience but me as a person.

I am grateful my friends, family and all network of people who have had my back.

I’m excited about my future who will be connecting and influencing me!

Thank you for supporting me for getting medals home!

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