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Everytime you visit chriskaji.com, you find information related to gymnastics, athlete life, how to build strong muscle, good deal items (gymnastics and more) etc.

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Welcome to Chris Kaji’s Gymnastics World!
I am so happy you find this website.
Let’s have some fun!


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Just Launched

Just Launched chriskaji.com

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Here are some other gymnasts with excellent websites.
Check em out.

Top Female gymnast in the world,Simone Bile has a good one!
Rio Olympics Rings Champion Elefhterios Petraunias also has one.
Our Canadian Gym Queen, Ellie Black has her own fancy website.

By the way, did you know we now live in 5th generational world!

What is 5G exactly?

5G networks are already starting to appear and are expected to launch across the world by 2020, working alongside existing 3G and 4G technology to provide speedier connections that stay online no matter where you are. –techrader

Mauricio Amaro L. tweeted and show us how 5G is different.

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80’s – e-mail introduced
90’s – www search is available with narrow band
00’s – SNS service started. Download images are common
10’s – expose SNS. Short video-graph with broad band/WiFi

Now it’s 5G era.
With lots of possibilities, everything is possible.
5G is speedy with upload/download than ever before.
Web/blog/sns/chat/cloud/vlog are always used to connect with friends and families.

Soon, all will stay connected with the help of mass media.
From the Rich and famous to the average person.

Here it is! Chris Kaji who an average person looking for stardom.


You will find and what you can get from this website later.

Do you have your own media?
Or do you know any gymnasts or athletes that has his/her own media?

Please share URL(coming soon!).

gymnast media list(coming soon!)

Don’t have your own yet?
think about to have one or more!

Looking forward to hear from you “Just launched” your web, blog, YouTube etc… to change the world

This web is for you!

What's on chriskaji.com

What kind of information can you get from this website?

I am not famous like Simone Bile or Neil Wilson. My web is not like theirs.

How is it different?

My goals is to give something to everyone, gymnast or not every time you visit chriskaji.com.

for Gymnasts, Gymnastic Family or former gymnasts

You will find Gymnastics training, competitions, athlete life, nutrition, travel tips etc. In the near future I’d like to include, gym related news. international competition review, right training for young athletes. Might even show you how to start your own athlete media. Let’s make the gymnastic more relevant on the net around the world. Connect, Learn, Share easily! You are invited!

for gymnast

*Gymnastics training
*Athlete Life
*Travel Tips
*International competition review
*right training for young athletes
*might have making own media step by step etc.

for non-gymnasts who are interested in gymnastics

Non-gymnast can use this in one of two ways. One is the person who has not done gym before but would like to learn and get involved. The other is a gymnastics supporter, in other words, gym fan, who seeks knowledge of our lifestyle!

I would like to thank you. Both are very welcome.

If you would like to become a gymnast, that is great! We need more numbers in this incredible community. If you are just a fan of gymnastics we still need your support!” To one day gather enough following in this sport like a major sports like hockey, soccer or base ball. Also gymnastic is not professional sports like golf, tennis or figure skate. There are not enough gymnastics fan. If you like to watch and cheer, that is fantastic!

Interested in start gymnastics, you will find here Gymnastics basic lessons, Merit of Gymnastics etc(coming soon!). Interested to become a gym fan, you will find here, Gymnastics rules, where to watch and cheer (coming soon!).

You could visit often here to find out or checkfacebook page that tells you when new post added.

for non-gymnasts – try gymnastics/to be a gym fan!

*Gymnastics Basic lessons
*Merit of Gymnastics
*How to enjoy competitions
*How to support gymnast
*How to write fan letter etc.

for business owners who are looking for exposure

Once I establish my relationships with local business owners, I will share athletes’ list for you (please be patient). Not only famous athletes could be partnership with business owners. Local businesses and local athletes are good match to work with. At first, I need to prove it works. Then more follow. More details, please see Dear Future Sponsors page.

for business owners/marketers

*matching or finding the right athlete for your business
*exposure to your business
Please also check Dear Future Sponsors page.

Connecting is the concept

Connecting is the concept chriskaji.com

I would like to have “Gymnastics World” here, “Connect” “Share” “Learn” directly whatever you need.


leave your contact here(coming soon!)

#1: if you are a minor, please ask your parents before you do this.
#2: everyone can see this list, please be caution to leave your info especially private contact.
#3: chriskaji.com is no responsible who has your contacts, please consider sharing info and deal with your public contact. If you are contracted with business, it is better to have a legal aid.

find sponsors(coming soon!)

[Business Owners]

leave your contact here(coming soon!)

find athlete(coming soon!)

Thank you for supporting me for getting medals home!

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